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Food Assistance at Kapalpal School

Food Assistance at Kapalpal School

`In the wake of Cyclone Pam back in March 2015, Tanna was devastated. Aside from one or two of Vanuatu’s really small islands which also were directly in Pam’s path, Tanna fared worst. Mauled by the 280-kph winds, Tanna was stripped bare of vegetation. Most villagers lost their homes. Worse, their... Read more >

Tragic Loss

Tragic Loss

Bethezer has lost a close friend in a tragic, work-related accident in Brisbane, Australia. Brother Chris Powell was a long-time supporter of the Kapalpal School on the island of Tanna, in Vanuatu. A man with a big and generous heart, he felt very strongly about and was involved in the work of educa... Read more >

Unexpected benefits from helping others

Unexpected benefits from helping others

I am Natasha from Brisbane, in Australia. I am a nurse and midwife and I have just spent about 3 months on Tanna, Vanuatu at the Kapalpal school and clinic near the village of Loanialu. I also did shifts in town at the Lenakel Hospital. God worked in amazing ways while I was on Tanna, providing ever... Read more >

Report from Tanna following Cyclone Pam

Report from Tanna following Cyclone Pam

Tanna is naked. 

An island that was lush and green has been stripped bare as far as the eye can see. The contours of the land are visible as they have never been visible before. The vegetation looks as though it has been through a clean bushfire. The villages are bare. The houses are gone – flattened by cyclone Pam. The people remain. It is with thanks to our Father that we found not one person on the ridge where the school is located was even injured. Unfortunately, two people on a neighbouring ridge were killed and several hurt- one very seriously. All of the brothers and sisters and all of the students are ok.

Once in a lifetime 

The people tell us how they cowered in the buildings from the cyclone. They tell us that they have never been through a cyclone like that one in their lifetimes. They tell how they ran from one building to another as they thought that one might collapse. The walls shook and groaned and one of the buildings kept lifting up and down. It was terrifying for them.

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Support Bethézer

Please help us to buy:

  • A school vehicle on Tanna to be used for a variety of logistical purposes by volunteers, and as an emergency vehicle for the school and villages in the area.
  • More classrooms for secondary classes at the school on Tanna
  • Dorm accommodation for students in Cambodia, to help them go to university.
  • Sewing material -- fabric (particularly for track suits), thread and designs -- for our sewing program for the older girl students on Tanna.
  • Materials for domes for small-scale agricultural trial at the Tanna school. The domes will protect the plants from strong winds and airborne ash (from a nearby volcano).


We really appreciate all donations but we especially like regular contributions as it allows us to plan for future projects.


About Bethézer

Bethézer means “house of help” in Hebrew.  Our aim is to provide welfare, relief and developmental aid to the poor and needy in Southeast Asia and Oceania. 

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