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Kapalpal School Stationary Drive 2020
24 February, 2020 Thankyou to everyone who is helping organise, collect, and transport school stationary  Read more
CAMBODIA—Phnom Penh Dormitories happenings 2020
24 February, 2020 Family time:Recently, it was organized for the parents of the students lodging at the dormitories to visit. Blankets, pillows and mosquito nets were provided for them to spend a night at the dormitory. A community meal was shared, along with the Good news of God and his purpose for our lives and thi... Read more
Tanna Ecclesial & Youth Camp - Jan 2020
24 February, 2020

A total of 117 people stayed in the school for a week

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CAMBODIA—Phnom Penh Dormitories Update
24 August, 2019

A trip to a farm was held and students were involved and happy to help in the planting of bananas. These outings assist in team building, and learning of new skills for all dormers.

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Green House  on Tanna - A huge milestone achieved!
23 August, 2019 A few years ago, it was explained to us the problem the local community in Tanna had growing vegetables downwind of an active volcano: the volcanic dust smothers the crops, and acid rain burns them. Would a greenhouse solve this? This challenged us to think about greenhouse designs. How could we kee... Read more
Loud singing and infectious laughter - Yep just another Junior Bible Camp!
13 August, 2019 Loud singing and infectious laughter from hundreds of children is what keeps us coming back to the Junior Bible Camp at the Kapalpal Christadelphian School on Tanna. Read more
Roofing - painting - Sewing & teaching the teachers - May 2019
22 May, 2019

Getting ready for the new school year, 11 fieldworkers some who had never been to Tanna arrived to maintain buildings and relationships

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Volunteer Labour Needed - Tanna January 2019
07 December, 2018

Can you help or know some who can help out in January 2019

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Our first trip to the island of Tanna
04 August, 2018

We thank our Heavenly Father for the amazing time we were able to spend enjoying the warm hospitality of the people of Tanna, their eager participation in all we organised, their insistent generousity though they have so little, their serene acceptance of their situation whatever that may be.

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Introducing the "Cambodian Sustainability Project"
18 June, 2018

Introducing the Cambodian Sustainability Project

without these dormitories, they would be stuck in a cycle of more

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For Napiapen, this school is a life changer.
30 March, 2018 The morning is cold and windy. Its hard to tell if the thick air is because of rain, smoke, mist or volcanic ash, likely a combination of all. The wind whips across the ridges, the dense green jungle thrashing wildly, it’s the kind of weather in which you want to be somewhere curled up in bed, somew... Read more
Online donations now accepted
02 February, 2018

Your donation makes all the difference!

$80 feeds a child for a year
$500 feeds a family for a year
$1,250 provides care and support to a dormer for a year
$6,000 pays a teachers wage for a year
$10,000 feeds a village

With the new year we have a new way for you to provide regular or one off donations. Check it out now with online donations through Paypal.

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The Dorm had so much impact on my life - Phnom Penh - Nov 2017
06 November, 2017 We are very happy to bring you the latest update of our recent fieldworkers travelling to Phnom Penh where we currently have our two dormitories.Baptisms There have been two new sisters recently baptized, Sis. Sodarany and Sis. Rachana . Sis. Sodarany was a BEC student and has been studying the... Read more
Dietitian loves what she saw on Tanna - July 2017
31 July, 2017 A team from Melbourne, along with members from Sydney and Brisbane, left for Vanuatu on June 30 and had 2 weeks in Port Vila and Tanna. They were able to spend time with the Youth in PV enjoying a CYC evening of Bible discussion and charades.  They also all had a trip to the Blue Lagoon, which ... Read more
Busy Busy Busy in Cambodia - June 2017
11 July, 2017 I am sitting in Phnom Penh airport waiting for our flight and this is the last of my allotted BEC jobs - a report on the dorms! There are two dorms at the moment.Girls Dorm: About 15 girls (including one sister in Christ) live with Bro Him, Sis Theavy & their three boys.Boys Dorm: Around 20... Read more
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