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Extra Support for Students at the Dorms

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Extra Support for Students at the Dorms

The dormitory management team have been looking at new ways to improve the options and opportunities of our students. In the last two years we have started to run educational programs for dormitory students during the evenings. Last year, we ran a series of environmental exercises, led by Theung, an environmental science student. Other subjects included spiritual development, social problems and other ad hoc presentations. This year we have planned a flexible series of programs covering spiritual, personal, environmental and social topics.

In the past 6 months, we have been blessed with the participation of Sister Jessica Pryde, studying postgraduate Ancient History at the University of Queensland.

She was able to provide the students with a study oriented program with topics including intellectual property, referencing and preparing research.

These subjects are of particular relevance to tertiary students, but more so, because plagiarism is rampant in the Khmer study system. My own experiences with tertiary study in a rural university showed clearly that the vast majority of students could not produce their own work or reference ideas they had used. From a class of 50, I received about 12 original pieces of work for an assessment item I set. If students can be taught the value of producing their own, high quality work, they have a better chance of exiting tertiary student with skills and knowledge that can be applied in later life. With this in mind, we intend to look at more practical study based and subject based courses to assist the students not just with the material they are studying, but also with the skills needed to know how to study.

Bethézer encourages Brothers and Sisters to become practically involved in their work. If you feel that your preaching skills are not strong or you aren’t a nurse, that’s ok. We are looking for assistance in other areas of expertise. If you feel that you would like to assist in some way, we are looking for Brothers and Sisters to present and tutor on the following subjects.

• Basic study skills
• Practical sales and marketing skills (cold calling, presentation)
• Preparing for an interview
• Tutoring – economics, human resources, management, accounting

Particularly, we are looking for people with expertise in business who are willing to study the Cambodian business situation and give advice to students and Brothers and Sisters.

For more information, please contact Michael Hewitt on

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