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Tragic Loss

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Tragic Loss

Bethezer has lost a close friend in a tragic, work-related accident in Brisbane, Australia. Brother Chris Powell was a long-time supporter of the Kapalpal School on the island of Tanna, in Vanuatu. A man with a big and generous heart, he felt very strongly about and was involved in the work of educating and helping the children and villagers in the remote area in which the school is located. Chris, his wife, Lea, and the entire family have helped at the school on several occasions and had been planning two trips as volunteers at the school in 2016. We at Bethezer, together with the family and friends, feel the shock and pain of his sudden loss. Please remember Lea, Brendan, Cameron, Samantha and the extended family in your thoughts and prayers.

Help Ruth have a brighter future.

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