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Message from the Chairman

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Message from the Chairman

Life is a journey, you often hear, and each of us is a traveler on it. The journey has a fixed destination and a plan to reach it by a certain time. However the plan has to be reworked and the time of arrival revised because things rarely work out – or seem to rarely work out – the way they’re supposed to. A bridge is washed out, a train schedule changed and our train removed from it, or we misinterpreted our map or were given bad advice. Etc, etc, etc. In short, the world we live in is far from perfect and if we are to reach our destination we must be alert and ever ready to learn from our experiences.

On the other side of the coin, the journey is filled with things new and different and exciting. We find we are able to adjust to and on occasion even to anticipate the unexpected. As we make our way, new people enter our lives, and we theirs, new relationships are formed and new opportunities to help others present themselves. And by the grace and nurturing of our God, we come to feel a sense of progress and achievement and of drawing closer to our destination.

The life of an organisation like Bethezer is a lot like that, only on a much smaller scale, of course. Through each of the projects, we have identified our destination and mapped out our intended route. In our travels we have found the odd bridge or road missing and have had to adjust and adapt. Mostly, though, we have made exceptional progress. In Cambodia, the dormitories are functioning smoothly, and in Vanuatu, a school in a remote part of the island of Tanna is brimming with children eager to learn.

So in the first two years of Bethezer’s journey, we have accomplished a great deal, possibly more than we could have reasonably expected, and we have reached some of our milestones. But there’s no time to rest on our laurels because the more we do, the more we find there is to do. Some would say that’s to be expected!

Fortunately, we continue to receive support from others which is so critical to the work of Bethezer. Help arrives almost daily in the form of financial donations, the time and effort of our contributors, moral support, and most importantly, through prayer. For this ongoing loyalty and encouragement we are very, very thankful and appreciative. Without it we simply would not be able to function as an aid organisation. A new and notable member of our donor community is the Williamsburg Christadelphian Foundation (WCF), which has made a significant financial contribution to the project in Cambodia. To the WCF we say a big thank you and we look forward to your company during our journey.

As we cast our gaze down the road to 2010, what do we see ahead? Well, more students than expected at the Kapalpal school in Vanuatu has led to initial steps to put up a second school building. And in Phnom Penh, planning is well advanced to make improvements to the dorms. We can be certain of this: There’ll be no slackening in the pace set in the last two years.

So, God willing, we are looking forward to the challenges the new year will bring if our Lord should remain away. We promise to keep you informed!

Help Ruth have a brighter future.

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