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Busy Busy Busy in Cambodia - June 2017

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Busy Busy Busy in Cambodia - June 2017
I am sitting in Phnom Penh airport waiting for our flight and this is the last of my allotted BEC jobs - a report on the dorms! 

There are two dorms at the moment.
  • Girls Dorm: About 15 girls (including one sister in Christ) live with Bro Him, Sis Theavy & their three boys.
  • Boys Dorm: Around 20 boys living with Sis Kim Srea. 

Morning Bible sessions are held at each dorm from 6-6.30am Tuesday to Friday. I was asked to lead the girl dorm sessions for the three weeks we were in Phnom Penh while my son Jamin assisted the two fieldworker brothers at the boy dorm. 

Bro Him recently bought a tuktuk and each morning at 5.30am he would collect us, dropping Jamin at the boy dorm and continuing onto the girl dorm with me. The boys are currently reading through Acts & Jamin prepared comments each night on the next morning's chapter to stimulate discussion. About 6 boy dormers are brothers in Christ & took turns to lead in prayer, discussion & translation. The theme of the girl dorm sessions was "The Bible is all you need". 

The first week we looked at Wisdom from James 3 & Proverbs. The second week we focused on Truth such as Creation & how to prove the Bible true from Nature, Archaeology & Prophecy. 

Our last week was on Salvation, the hope of the Gospel & Kingdom vision. Our last day, we made Paper Choosers to reinforce the message of making wise choices in life & sang Seek You First the Kingdom of God from the Khmer/English song book used for Worship services throughout Cambodia. 

Many boy & girl dormers travel to the BEC throughout the day to take Bible in Basic English lessons and Baptism classes.  Sis Verity Van Rooyen also holds evening classes at the boy dorm on Tuesday and girl dorm on Friday. They are all uni students and most also work to support themselves & pay for their studies. 

They attend the Bible Seminar on Saturday & Worship on Sunday at the BEC. A few dormers also get up at 4.30am on Sunday to travel to Kampong Spue province to teach up to 65 local children Bible lessons as well as English, Maths, a Biology, Chemistry & other senior high school subjects to supplement the local government education & prepare Year 12 students for university.  One of current boy dormers was a Kampong Spue Sunday School student. 

One of the highlights of our visit was the wedding of a previous boy dormer, Bro Sophorn to a previous girl dormer, Sis Chantrea. The ceremony was held at the boy dorm and attended by many current & ex dormers. 

Another joy was to hear about the births and expected births of a number of babies to previous dormer couples. May our loving Father bless these young families as they grow in the knowledge of Him.



  • Busy Busy Busy in Cambodia - June 2017
  • Busy Busy Busy in Cambodia - June 2017

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