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Introducing the "Cambodian Sustainability Project"

Monday, 18 June 2018

Introducing the "Cambodian Sustainability Project"
The dormitories in Phnom Penh, Cambodia continue to provide free accommodation for 25 young men and 18 young women from outer country areas.

The young people are able to study, and it is an opportunity to teach them the Bible and the hope that we have in our Lord.  Bible studies are a regular activity  each day. The current topic  focuses on the Birth of Jesus, a topic many of us take for granted. However, for our young people, it is new, exciting, encouraging and a stepping stone to knowledge, and God Willing, ultimately the baptism of these young people as they grow in the knowledge of our hope. 

The male and female dormitories are in separate locations, with the females living in one  area, and the males another.  The young people have a leader for each dorm who is responsible for overseeing cleaning, cooking, security, behaviour and welfare of each other, reporting back any issues, successes, or needs to  Brother Meng H.  

The young people attend the memorial meeting each week and cook their own meals, do their own washing, cleaning and general maintenance of their homes.  Without these dormitories, they would be stuck in a cycle of poverty, unable to work/study for a better future, and unaware of the Bible, and what it has to offer.

Outings and  Projects: 

In the past weeks, the Young People were taken on day outings during their holidays, to assist in the work at a local farm, ‘Kampong Spue Farm’ established by Christadelphians, known as the Cambodian Sustainability Project.  

The farm is legally under the ownership of the Cambodia Ecclesias with a committee appointed from the ecclesias there and also brethren and sisters from Australia who will manage the direction of the farm and allocation of profits.  The intention is for the farm to generate income which will be used to assist the Dorms, the BEC’s and other projects, mission, agricultural and humanitarian in Cambodia and if possible other areas in Asia. 

The farm is viewed as a social development project with many options for activities including ecclesial activities, Sunday School activities, combined Bible School, and a trade school.  It’s a great project for the Young people to get involved in. 

There are opportunities for workers from Australia and New Zealand to spend some time on the farm. If you have any spare time to get to Cambodia, you will be accommodated free of charge at the farm to help on the many projects.

Another day outing was to Kirirom Resort, where creation surrounds and peacefulness is found in what is normally a busy city life.  This day incorporates    cultural and environmental learning programs and the students can see environmental issues in place and also discuss cultural/historical issues around the location. 


  • Introducing the "Cambodian Sustainability Project"
  • Introducing the "Cambodian Sustainability Project"
  • Introducing the "Cambodian Sustainability Project"
  • Introducing the "Cambodian Sustainability Project"
  • Introducing the "Cambodian Sustainability Project"

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