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Report from Tanna following Cyclone Pam
30 March, 2015

Tanna is naked. 

An island that was lush and green has been stripped bare as far as the eye can see. The contours of the land are visible as they have never been visible before. The vegetation looks as though it has been through a clean bushfire. The villages are bare. The houses are gone – flattened by cyclone Pam. The people remain. It is with thanks to our Father that we found not one person on the ridge where the school is located was even injured. Unfortunately, two people on a neighbouring ridge were killed and several hurt- one very seriously. All of the brothers and sisters and all of the students are ok.

Once in a lifetime 

The people tell us how they cowered in the buildings from the cyclone. They tell us that they have never been through a cyclone like that one in their lifetimes. They tell how they ran from one building to another as they thought that one might collapse. The walls shook and groaned and one of the buildings kept lifting up and down. It was terrifying for them.

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Update on Damage in Vanuatu from Cyclone Pam
30 March, 2015 Click here to download an update on the Bethezer Cyclone appeal with more information about the effect Cyclone Pam had on the school on Tanna and on our brothers and sisters and friends.  We have attached several photos, taken since Cyclone Pam hit Vanuatu, which show some of the damage to the... Read more
23 March, 2015
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Kapalpal school enhances educational opportunities for children in Loanialu
30 November, 2014 The early morning mist hasn’t seriously begun to dissipate when the first students begin to appear at the school. For half an hour or so they amble down the ridge where it is broad and the slope gentle. Or if they are coming up from one of the villages down below then they climb the steep, narrow tr... Read more
14 October, 2009 During the past year EFET has provided ESL (English as a Second Language) resources to English language lecturers at the National University of Timor Leste. For the 2009 year, each English lecturer was provided with ESL materials for semesters 1 and ... Read more
Message from the Chairman
04 October, 2009 Life is a journey, you often hear, and each of us is a traveler on it. The journey has a fixed destination and a plan to reach it by a certain time. However the plan has to be reworked and the time of arrival revised because things rarely work out – or seem to rarely work out – the way they’re suppo... Read more
Kapalpal Christadelphian Primary School Project -- Loanialu, Tanna (Vanuatu)
03 October, 2009 In February 2009, following an impressive kastom-style dedication ceremony organised by the chiefs of the local villages and attended by some 200 village members, the Kapalpal school was officially opened. We had originally expected around 70 students, including kindy children. However in the first ... Read more
Phnom Penh Dormitory Project Cambodia
01 October, 2009 2009 has seen some significant changes in the Bethézer dormitories, but has also been a period of stabilisation. The year has provided an opportunity to try new things and to further develop the important relationship between the dormitories and the Bible Education Centre. Since July 2008, there ha... Read more
30 March, 2009 Tanna, Vanuatu Overview, February 2009 The Kapalpal Christadelphian Primary School, completed in December, 2008, provides primary-level education for some 160 children for grades 3 to 6. We also run a kindergarten class for pre-school aged children... Read more

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