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CAMBODIA—Phnom Penh Dormitories Update
24 August, 2019

A trip to a farm was held and students were involved and happy to help in the planting of bananas. These outings assist in team building, and learning of new skills for all dormers.

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Introducing the "Cambodian Sustainability Project"
18 June, 2018

Introducing the Cambodian Sustainability Project

without these dormitories, they would be stuck in a cycle of more

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The Dorm had so much impact on my life - Phnom Penh - Nov 2017
06 November, 2017 We are very happy to bring you the latest update of our recent fieldworkers travelling to Phnom Penh where we currently have our two dormitories.Baptisms There have been two new sisters recently baptized, Sis. Sodarany and Sis. Rachana . Sis. Sodarany was a BEC student and has been studying the... Read more
Busy Busy Busy in Cambodia - June 2017
11 July, 2017 I am sitting in Phnom Penh airport waiting for our flight and this is the last of my allotted BEC jobs - a report on the dorms! There are two dorms at the moment.Girls Dorm: About 15 girls (including one sister in Christ) live with Bro Him, Sis Theavy & their three boys.Boys Dorm: Around 20... Read more
Annual Report 2013
29 October, 2014  Our Annual Report for 2013 is now available. Please click here to view it.
Annual Report 2012
12 April, 2013

Check out what we've been up to by clicking this link to read the Annual Report for 2012. Happy reading!

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Annual Report 2011 Hits Newsstands
23 November, 2011 Well, not quite literally, but it's written, reviewed, been put to bed, so to speak, and is now ready for you to read. Why not click this link and get the year-to-date in one place. A word of caution about printing. The version you read is our web-ready version and is meant to be light and portable,... Read more
Agricultural Project Update
17 November, 2011  A progress report for an agricultural extension of the Phnom Penh Dormitory project shows that we have hit some of our targets. Despite difficulties that sometimes made it feel like a  climb up a slippery slope, we can report some initial success in improving dormer health. Read the 6 mon... Read more
Extra Support for Students at the Dorms
12 July, 2011

 Dorm students receive extra support through educational programs. Recently, a study-related series was presented on topics such as intellectual property, referencing and preparing research.

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21 July, 2010 The Phnom Penh Dormitories are moving into a new phase. Many have contributed to the development of the dormitory, most notably, the missionaries from the Bible Education Centre who have provided a programme of spiritual development and given ma... Read more
14 May, 2010  Abi Van Heerden recently spent some time in Cambodia, working in the dorms and experiencing Phnom Penh life at its craziest and friendliest. This is what she had to say... Services and classes are still running regularly at the dorms in down... Read more
Update from the Phnom Penh dorms
12 January, 2010 John Pople was recently in Cambodia attending the Bible School and P2P preaching trips over the Christmas / New Year break. He delivers this report: The services and study classes at the Bethezer dormitories, in the North of Phnom Penh, are forming the current backbone of progress of the gospel b... Read more
Phnom Penh Dormitory Project Cambodia
01 October, 2009 2009 has seen some significant changes in the Bethézer dormitories, but has also been a period of stabilisation. The year has provided an opportunity to try new things and to further develop the important relationship between the dormitories and the Bible Education Centre. Since July 2008, there ha... Read more

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