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R.U. Enthusiastic? Come Visit Tanna - November, 2017

Thursday, 15 June 2017

R.U. Enthusiastic?   Come Visit Tanna  - November, 2017

We need a group of young people, keen to help out, in the exciting mission field of Tanna, Vanuatu.

We need musicians, sports people, artists, diggers, and people that are prepared to just open themselves to a new and exciting experience in a wonderfully happy Village Community.

This is where a Christadelphian school called Kapalpal is situated that serves 300 school kids, keen for education and thirstily learning about God and the Lord Jesus.

Can you Help?


The kids, teachers and people of the 3 ridges around the school love visitors.

You will be of enormous benefit to them and they to you. You will never be the same again following this visit. It’s like nothing you can experience in most of the mission areas in our region.

If you are interested, reserve your position. Contact Garry Hindmarsh ( by end June.

If you help the poor, you are lending to the Lord, and he will repay you! Proverbs 19v17 NLT


  • R.U. Enthusiastic?   Come Visit Tanna  - November, 2017
  • R.U. Enthusiastic?   Come Visit Tanna  - November, 2017
  • R.U. Enthusiastic?   Come Visit Tanna  - November, 2017
You will find the most breathtaking Banyan trees on Tanna. In fact the Island claims to be home to the World's largest Banyan Tree! Mount Yasur is an easily accessible active volcano, and is a major Vanuatu tourist attraction, but has devastating affects on the local areas. On Tanna a bath or shower is called a swim, usually in a spring, with a bucket or under a tap.
Beautiful Tanna 1 Misty Day Dotted around Tanna Island are peoples cows, getting fat ready for market day.
Tree House The Kapalpal School is high on the ridge. Tanna is covered in dense jungle with clearings for the villages and the kids soccer matches.
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