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Volunteer Labour Needed - Tanna January 2019

Friday, 7 December 2018

Volunteer Labour Needed - Tanna January 2019


Kapalpal Christadelphian School

Re-roofing Kapalpal School, Tanna, Vanuatu.

We have a potentially dangerous situation at the school. The roof of the main building has become quite rusted. It is still strong and able to take a person's weight, but virtually all the heads of the roofing screws are rusted and bloated beyond repair. A serious, sustained gale could peel it all off with very ugly consequences.

Colourbond roofing typically lasts between 30-60 years, however, the ash showers from the Volcano have dramatically shortened the lifespan to only 8 years.

The roof must be replaced before the next cyclone hits. 

We urgently need a team to remove the existing roof and replace it with a new colourbond roof.

Job length – 2 weeks
When – approx 18th - 31st January, 2019 

(just before the new school year begins)

If you are able to help with this urgent work,
please contact Terry Nutter immediately.


  • Volunteer Labour Needed - Tanna January 2019
  • Volunteer Labour Needed - Tanna January 2019
  • Volunteer Labour Needed - Tanna January 2019
You will find the most breathtaking Banyan trees on Tanna. In fact the Island claims to be home to the World's largest Banyan Tree! Mount Yasur is an easily accessible active volcano, and is a major Vanuatu tourist attraction, but has devastating affects on the local areas. On Tanna a bath or shower is called a swim, usually in a spring, with a bucket or under a tap.
Beautiful Tanna 1 Misty Day Dotted around Tanna Island are peoples cows, getting fat ready for market day.
Tree House The Kapalpal School is high on the ridge. Tanna is covered in dense jungle with clearings for the villages and the kids soccer matches.
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