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Roofing - painting - Sewing & teaching the teachers - May 2019

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Roofing - painting - Sewing & teaching the teachers - May 2019

The January/February 2019 trip to Tanna included a group of 11 at the field workers cottage, with four major projects running:

  1. re-roofing the main building, and solar panel upgrades
  2. running teacher workshops
  3. Sewing
  4. Brightening up the Kindy with mural painting

Good weather gave the men the opportunity to work on the roof of the main building which covers the library and 4 classrooms. The bolts and iron had rusted and desperately needed replacing before the cyclone season hit. The men re-roofed the main building and half of the Class 1,2,3 building. They came home very satisfied with their combined efforts. The solar panels that were taken down for the re-roofing were also fitted to another building, while 2 additional 2nd hand panels were fitted to the main building. The men also finished off the new teacher’s house. It was finally completely painted and Enok, one of our secondary teacher’s, and his family moved in. It is a wonderful house and they are very excited to have moved in.

Meanwhile, Agnes was busy with the sewing ladies making clothes which hopefully will become a small sustainable business. Our sewing ladies have in-vested some of their savings into buying additional fabric to make uniforms to sell to other schools.

Karen, Maria and Di kept everyone supplied with cups of tea and cooked meals as well as putting together health packs, and sorting and cleaning cupboards in preparation for the school year.

Everyone is working really really hard as usual. God has provided us with beautiful weather for the re-roofing, with glorious evening sunsets to view and remind us of his glory and love. God is indeed good.

What an amazing effort!!! Jenni led a group of adults and children to create a most colourful and amazing mural of God’s creation. The focus was on local areas, including Mt Yasur volcano, ocean scenes and surrounding bushlands. The children had great delight in adding there own touches to the mural and the Kindy looks bright and inviting.



  • Roofing - painting - Sewing & teaching the teachers - May 2019
  • Roofing - painting - Sewing & teaching the teachers - May 2019
  • Roofing - painting - Sewing & teaching the teachers - May 2019
  • Roofing - painting - Sewing & teaching the teachers - May 2019
You will find the most breathtaking Banyan trees on Tanna. In fact the Island claims to be home to the World's largest Banyan Tree! Mount Yasur is an easily accessible active volcano, and is a major Vanuatu tourist attraction, but has devastating affects on the local areas. On Tanna a bath or shower is called a swim, usually in a spring, with a bucket or under a tap.
Beautiful Tanna 1 Misty Day Dotted around Tanna Island are peoples cows, getting fat ready for market day.
Tree House The Kapalpal School is high on the ridge. Tanna is covered in dense jungle with clearings for the villages and the kids soccer matches.
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